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how to maintain corn harvester daily


First, check the tension of the chain, the fastening of the various fasteners, and the deformation and wear of various components. Deformed to be plastic, worn or damaged to be replaced, clean up the weeds on the machine. The second is to check all the drive chains, in particular whether the split pin on the hinge shaft of the reel chain is complete, and replace the new split pin if necessary. Third, we must check the returning machine. If there is a case of a broken knife, etc., it should be promptly filled. Pay attention to check whether the fixing bolts of the bearing brackets at both ends of the blade of the returning machine are firm and reliable. Fourth, we must pay attention to the replacement of returning machine blades. When a single group is exchanged, the quality and length of the new knife must be processed to the same level as the original knife to ensure balance. Fifth, we must clean up the soil on the returning machine.

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